Chapter Eight
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The CHAPTER EIGHT repertoire
Chapter Eight is probably best known for it's massive repertoire of "floor fillers" - from the likes of Abba, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, S Club 7, The Communards & The Village People to name but a few. But it doesn't stop there.

The 50s and 60s
Chapter Eight also owns an extensive and fairly rare collection of songs & medleys from the 60s and earlier. The Beatles' standards plus 50s rock & roll is all available too.

For dancers!
Chapter Eight is able to provide several hours of strict-tempo Quicksteps, Tangos, Cha Cha Chas and other ballroom standards if required.

The 1940s
And if you fancy the style of the 1940s, Chapter Eight's line up easily copes with all the big numbers from the likes of the Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller Orchestras.

Total Flexibility!
As you can see, the repertoire is very flexible and the band will work with you to give you and your guests a great night out. If there's a particular style or song you're after - just ask!